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Ad revenue that is earned via free to view pornhub videos is common most way to make money on pornhub. Youll have to create and upload your videos on the selected platform and allow those videos to be viewed for free. To make money on pornhub, youll basically be creating, publishing, and monetizing your own adult video content. The first thing to be aware of is that you have to own the rights to any adult content you publish. In other words, you cant publish other peoples adult videos and make money off them. Do you want to make money with pornhub? Now you can! Sign up to our amateur program and upload your content to start making money today. Top models can make over 40,000 usd per month! How do i join? All you need to do is sign up for a free pornhub account and get verified by the pornhub admins. Once youre in the amateur program, youll find that there are several ways on how you can make money by becoming a pornhub amateur performer. Upload free to watch pornhub videos one of the best ways to make a name for yourself on pornhub is by uploading free-to-view adult videos.   hey guys! This is modelhub edith here to explain all of the many ways you can make money on pornhub as a content creator. Lets get the 600 pound gorilla in the room out of the way right now. Facts porn sites attract more visitors each month than amazon, netflix, and twitter combined. How can i make money, but actually i never made a videos before as i tried to made a hand job and i sucked his dick, im not actually a gay but if i become i will prefer a shemale client, so how can i make money without movies or short videos, i can work on an online cam or what ever anything else but not the videos, because im some one important, thank you. Just keep uploading content, and watch the views translate into ad revenue. If you can do this on youtube, then you can definitely do this on pornhub, although you, as a small creator in an oversaturated site, just like youtube, will not earn a li. Basically, the better pornhub premium does as a whole, the more money you make. Its perfectly legal for you to do this, and you dont need to worry about copyright issues. In fact, pornhub gives webmasters xml feeds to make it easy to add all their videos and delete the ones that have been removed.

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